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Meet Jason Bartlett, Places for People's new Youth and Family Services Intake and Outreach Coordinator

Bartlett brings passion, experience as entry point for Youth and Family Services

In the critical and often uncertain moments when a family member reaches out to Places for People seeking help for a youth or adolescent, Jason Bartlett knows the last thing they need is an impersonal experience.

“I really, really understand what they’re going through,” Bartlett said. “It’s not going to be a dry, clinical intake procedure.”

As Places for People’s new Youth and Family Services Intake and Outreach Coordinator, Bartlett tries to listen as much as possible during the initial conversation with a parent or caregiver. “I’m big into letting people tell their stories and helping them to work through it,” he said. As the conversation continues, he helps sort through the situation and provides guidance on navigating the services available at Places for People.

Jason Bartlett, Intake and Outreach Coordinator for Places for People's Youth and Family ServicesSixteen years of experience in the field helped Bartlett hone these skills with families who are seeking help during tumultuous times. This is Bartlett’s second stint at Places for People. He was a Family Outreach and Community Support Specialist from March 2015 until November 2018 when he departed to launch a career in real estate.

During his time away from Places for People, his former co-workers remained in touch with Bartlett. The feeling of admiration was mutual.

“This is actually the best company that I’ve worked for in three states,” Bartlett said. “I’ve worked at many other companies where it’s like ‘we want to take care of our clients,’ but the bottom line is the dollar. What I’ve heard over and over here is ‘we’re going to take care of our clients and we’ll figure out the money stuff.’”

Bartlett became a natural candidate for the Intake and Outreach position when former Outreach Coordinator Kathleen Murray moved into a leadership position with a new treatment team at Places for People. For Bartlett, the opportunity to advance professionally spoke to him.

“This position opened up and it met what I needed,” Bartlett explained. “I still get to care for families that are coming in, which is a passion of mine, and I get to utilize more of my admin skills, which is something that I’ve wanted to be able to do for a long time.”

He enjoys the balance of engaging with families, and working behind the scenes to develop the department’s process flows and program development.

In addition to being the point of entry for intake, Bartlett will also provide community outreach to share information about the services Places for People offers youth and families.

In the past 20 years, Places for People’s Youth and Family program has grown from a staff of four offering one treatment model to more than 30 employees on staff today and a full array of treatment options available for families. The intake process is the first step toward health + healing for families.

Life can be hard, families struggle, and we need help.

Jason Bartlett, Youth and Family Services Intake and Outreach Coordinator

When a family member reaches out about services, Bartlett will respond within 24 hours. After the introductory conversation, he will gather information to begin the enrollment process, and schedule a meeting with a therapist for an assessment. After the assessment, team assignment occurs. In “routine” cases, this all happens with 10 days.

“If it is something with more urgency then we will try to have them in the doors within 24 hours. If it’s an emergency, I’m going to help them get set up to go to the hospital, 9-1-1, whatever needs to happen.”

Ultimately, Bartlett is fulfilled by helping families see that help is available and that things do get better. He understands that “life can be hard, families struggle, and we need help.”

For families who need a place to turn, they can begin engagement with Places for People’s Youth and Family Services program by contacting Bartlett at 314-330-2403. Thanks to a federal grant, Places for People is able to provide treatment for families who are uninsured or under-insured.