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‘Excellence in Poverty Journalism Awards’ shines spotlight on quality journalism

Last Wednesday, our friends at ArchCity Defenders held the third annual Excellence in Poverty Journalism Awards.

The event recognizes and honors in-depth reporting on race, class, and poverty, with an additional goal of inspiring more coverage on topics impacting families throughout the St. Louis region.

Places for People was honored to be one of the sponsors of this year’s event, because we also believe in the power of journalism to make a positive impact on lives in our community.

Quality reporting, regardless of medium, has the potential to inform and inspire. Newspapers, radio and television reporters have a platform to share stories, raise + answer questions about community concerns. They also have access to ask questions to officials who the general public may not be able to engage on a daily basis.

Quality journalism demands accountability, not only of elected officials, but of our entire community.

Numerous examples of quality journalism were lauded last Wednesday, and we congratulate all who were nominated. We join ArchCity Defenders in calling for more reporting on these topics in the future.

The event at ANEW Rooftop reminded us of some of the vital stories that have been published in recent years.