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Places for People’s Response to COVID-19

As a leading healthcare provider in the St. Louis region for people living with mental illness and substance use disorders, Places for People will continue to keep our campus open during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

In recent weeks, we have spent time educating those we serve and our staff about precautions from spreading the virus, and increased the frequency of cleaning in all of our service locations.

Starting this week, we have implemented a first phase of COVID-19 response strategies that emphasize social distancing whenever possible. Our waiting rooms will look a little different during this time, and we will strive to limit the time individuals have to wait for appointments. We will be maximizing our tele-medicine resources, and temporarily pausing our group therapy meetings.

The population we work with is highly representative of individuals with pre-existing conditions who would be most at-risk if exposed to the COVID-19. In many ways, those we serve need us now more than ever.

Our COVID-19 committee has also developed strategies that will be implemented if the virus becomes more widespread in our region.

We will continue to educate those we support, and will continue to make every effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our entire community.

Despite the number of unknowns, our goal as an organization is to stay focused on our mission and ensure to the highest extent the health and safety of our workforce and the individuals, families and communities we serve.

Tips for addressing your stress

In this stressful and uncertain time, Places for People Outpatient Clinic Program Manager Meagan Doty offers this advice for coping with stress.

“There is so much out there that is out of our control, but add to our anxiety about situations. So focusing on what you can control is a great way to keep things from feeling overwhelming. Being able to focus on small choices each day that support health helps increase our overall feelings of control in what often feels like a chaotic environment.”

Additional tips

  1. Stay informed, but recognize from taking a break from social media or traditional media would be helpful.
  2. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate
  3. Check in with family and friends by phone, text, or email


How you can help

As the professionals on our staff continue to do their jobs, there are a number of critical supplies that will help immensely in providing care to those we serve.  Please consider donating these items or making a tax-deductible donation to cover the expense.

  • Hospital-grade thermometers
  • Disposable thermometers
  • Sticker thermometers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disposable gloves (latex and non-latex)
  • Masks
  • Goggles
  • Alcohol-soaked wipes
  • N95 Resipirators
  • Laptops
  • Broadband Internet cards

Make a donation


Thank you for your support of our mission, our dedicated staff, and the resilient individuals and families we serve.