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Support health and healing on Giving Tuesday

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our organization has continued to deliver care to the individuals and families we serve. Although our work has happened in different ways from the normal, the hope remains the same: to provide each person we serve with the possibility of a better, healthier future. In this time of
uncertainty for all of us, I wanted to share one story from the past few months that embodies our belief that “it’s about a life.”

What felt like the darkest point for Marilyn five years ago turned out to be a turning point.

Her father died and a son was incarcerated. She was unhoused, moving from
couch to couch and sometimes staying in shelters. Sometimes staying outside. “I was sleeping on the ground.”

“My family didn’t know that I was doing that,” she said, adding that she couldn’t handle the pressure building up around her. “I was going through so much stress and depression.”

She ended up in the hospital with a deep cut in her finger after a mishap in the kitchen.

“I was heading down the road to destruction.”

That’s when Marilyn was introduced to Places for People.

For the past 48 years, Places for People has helped people like Marilyn by providing an individual approach to health + healing.

It took time, but Marilyn’s treatment team worked with her to address her needs.
Health coaches supported Marilyn as she began to manage her medication, found a place to live, and worked on skills to cope with stress without turning to alcohol or substances.

When Places for People’s Outpatient Substance Use program began a few years ago, she transitioned to that team to focus on her journey to wellness.

This summer, Marilyn became the program’s first official graduate.

Your support helps make recovery a possiblilty for Marilyn and more than 2,500 individuals and families Places for People serves each year.

Your support helps empower thousands of people living with mental illness and substance use concerns, and provides an opportunity for wellness and independence.

Marilyn knows that help is only a phone call away, if she needs it. She’s ready to take on life’s challenges using the skills she has learned the past five years. “This is a big step. As long as I keep up the good work and just don’t find myself back where I started.”

“What’s next for me is to live a healthy life.”

Your support changes lives. Please give today to support individuals like Marilyn find their place in the community.