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Incredible Years Supervisor Kevin Wells

Wells receives ‘The Champion Award’ from YWCA Head Start

Places for People Incredible Years Team Leader Kevin Wells received “The Champion Award” from the YWCA Head Start program at an awards luncheon last Friday.

The Champion Award is given annually to a community organization, or representative, that has partnered with YWCA Head Start to “champion” the cause of the participating children and parents they serve.

For years, Kevin has coordinated and helped to facilitate Incredible Years groups with YWCA Head Start.

Incredible Years is a skills-building, evidence-based program for parents, caretakers, and educators. For the past 13 years, Kevin has helped parents and caretakers throughout the St. Louis community learn skills to assist in preventing and addressing behavioral problems with their children. Places for People’s Incredible Years program is made possible by funding from the St. Louis Mental Health Board.