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Covid in Community: Suicide Prevention through a new Lens

August 10, 2021 / 1:00 pm
@ Online and In-personDirections

Tuesday August 10 from 1 pm to 3 pm 

This hybrid presentation by Bart Andrews , Vice President BHR World Wide, will focus on how cultural vs. mental health is a driver of suicide. Modern day living is counterintuitive to a thriving human existence. Suicide prevention should be Attendees will have the opportunities to participate through online chats, and comments. Suicide prevention should be less about what is wrong with people and more to do with the world in which we live.  The webinar is open to the public. Behavioral health professionals who attend may apply for 1.5 CEUs.

Please see our CEU Guidelines.

This presentation will embrace a new framework of understanding human wellness in terms of environment/culture and identify how health and longevity are connected to social engagement. Participants will learn about social equity; it’s decline and impact of its decline and explore the mismatch theory of health & wellness in suicide prevention. There will be focus on how our social institutions, norms and culture can create lives worth living instead of focusing on “sick” people who need “treatment.” We have attempted to frame suicide as a function of mental illness instead of looking at suicide and mental illness as measures of our public health, of the value we place we on living.

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