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Summer Subscription Model Trainings

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Below are our summer trainings that are also on the subscription model. CEUs are available for all trainings.

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Breathe 6/16 9am-12pm $50 

Rates of Trauma and PTSD are greater in the SMI population as compared to the general population. Despite the high rates of PTSD in the SMI population, it is under-diagnosed and rarely treated. There is an urgent need for effective treatments for PTSD in the SMI population. Dr. Pallavi Nishith will present on this brief intervention that has demonstrated effectiveness with this population.

Ethics – 6/23 11am-3pm $45

Ethics Training will provide knowledge and everyday examples of ethical decision making based on the NASW code of Ethic. The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help to meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. Fundamental to social work is attention to the environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living.

De-escalation 7/13 3pm-4:30pm $35 

This training will assist with understanding how to prevent situations from escalating and becoming potentially violent. Our instructor will inform how to best work with individuals who are agitated or aggressive. This training is ideal for individuals looking to maintain safety in volatile situations. 90-minute training.

Youth and Adult Signs & Symptoms 7/14 9am-12pm $40

The general population often has limited knowledge and misconceptions regarding behavioral health disorders in both children and adults. This can lead to increased stigma surrounding behavioral health disorders as well as delayed treatment. For many individuals with behavioral health disorders, delaying treatment may lead to an increase in symptom severity, an increase in risk factors for safety, and a lower general quality of life. By educating health workers, educators, practitioners, and the general public, it is the hope that the community can begin to combat the stigma against behavioral health disorders and support those experiencing symptoms in getting connected to the resources and interventions they deserve.

MI- 8/10 8am-4pm $80 

A framework for understanding an individual’s motivation and resolve ambivalence by enabling people to recognize their own patterns, own their personal outcomes and understand the means by which they will achieve those goals. Clinicians and behavioral health staff utilize motivational interviewing to attend to clients and staff needs in a person-centered way. One – day 8-hour training.

Trauma Informed Care 8/25 8:30am-11:30am $45 

3-hour training will begin with more trauma informed care (TIC)/culture training for staff to provide a basic understanding of how exposure to traumatic events can impact the people you serve. This will provide a good clinical and TIC cultural foundation for the trauma treatment and any evidence-based practices that your staff utilize.


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