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Lisa, our Nurse Care Manager, has 40 years of experience as a nurse. She speaks about how she’s done a little bit of everything, but how that took on a whole new meaning when she joined the Places for People family 6 years ago. When her sister became ill and she started thinking about what was on her bucket list before she retired, she became inspired to help those in need of a high level of care and to try something unlike any nursing job she had heard of before.

“I really loved it the minute my feet hit the ground,” says Lisa as she reminisces about when she first walked the halls and saw the stained concrete floors and stories about persons served on the walls.

At Places for People, she has had the opportunity to utilize her extensive knowledge in physical health to aid in helping people experiencing severe cases of mental health and substance use disorders. Lisa believes in the power of mental and physical health integration, and is grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of a holistic approach.

“We know that people who are mentally ill die about 20 years earlier without medical care – that’s a driving force all the time. We have to keep growing and meeting people where they are. The people we serve deserve the best,” says Lisa.

She is a great advocate, not only for persons served, but also for staff. Helping and connecting with people is certainly a passion of hers. She speaks highly of the coworkers that she sees not ever give up and the persons served who transform in front of her eyes. When she mentioned them, it is clear how much they keep her going, even on difficult days.

“It’s been quite the learning curve and sometimes an uphill battle, but very very very rewarding. I’ve changed my perspective on a lot of things. I’m honored to be included with some of these folks – in their lives and in the staff’s lives. I mean these folks are something else – they are RESILIENT! There really are a lot of success stories.”

The beautiful partnerships between our staff and the people we serve are critical to helping thousands of people every year strive to be the healthiest versions of themselves. Places for People is grateful to have so many dedicated employees, like Lisa, that have truly helped us make our 50th birthday possible and make us confident in saying that we are still “Going Places!”


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There really are a lot of success stories. That's why we're all here - for our persons served.


Nurse Care Manager