History and Milestones

Since 1972, Places for People (PfP) has served people who have the most serious mental illnesses in the St. Louis area. PfP was formed initially to provide housing and services for people who had been discharged from the State Psychiatric Hospital. Over the years, the agency expanded to address new needs, including chronic homelessness, substance abuse disorders, and medical disorders.

While PfP was growing, another agency, Community Alternatives, formed in 1995 with a focus on providing therapy and other programs for people who were not well served by mainstream providers. Community Alternatives specialized in assisting younger people, people who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in addition to serious mental illness, and people who had experienced significant trauma.

In 2011, Places for People merged with Community Alternatives, with the goal of maximizing the benefits of both agencies and the vision of creating an agency with the most robust toolkit of recovery-focused service.