If your goal is to have a strong, healthy family, then the Incredible Years parenting program is for you.


The Incredible Years is a program for parents and caregivers with children up to age 12, living in St. Louis City.

The Incredible Years is based on well-established behavior/social learning principles that describe how behaviors are learned and how they can be changed. This program was developed as a cost-effective prevention method that can be used by families with young children to prevent serious discipline problems.

At the core of this approach is the idea that adults and children can change behavior as a result of regular communication and consistent follow-through. When children are disobedient and families become disrupted, it is sometimes necessary to consider not only the child’s behavior, but also parents’ responses to that behavior.

Group leaders conduct the program with empathy and compassion. Our goal is to provide positive parenting education and support in an effort to help parents (and their families) realize their maximum potential.

How it works

The Incredible Years parenting program is designed for parents, grandparents and other caregivers, to help them feel more confident and effective in coping with behavior issues.

The Incredible Years program meets once a week for 10-14 weeks, depending on the curriculum used. Groups are part of a collaborative process, in which participants share what they have learned, and learn from one another.

We offer FREE child care and meals during groups. This program is FREE and open to caregivers in St. Louis City. The Incredible Years is offered in the community at a variety of locations.

Each group member will have an opportunity to participate in the collaborative process. Everyone will have the chance to ask questions and voice concerns.


Promote child competencies:

  • Increase children’s social skills
  • Increase children’s problem solving and effective anger management strategies
  • Increase children’s empathy
  • Decrease children’s negative attitudes and aggressive behaviors
  • Increase academic readiness and cooperation

Promote parent competencies:

  • Establish and maintain healthy and secure parent-child relationships
  • Increase parents’ positive communication skills and problem-solving skills
  • Decrease parent frustration and stress
  • Increase parents’ limit-setting skills
  • Educate parents about alternative teaching techniques
  • Increase family support network and school involvement


Interested in participating in or hosting an Incredible Years group?

Call 314-615-9105 / 383

Kevin Wells, MSW


1001 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118 (Groups are located at various locations in the community.)