While all services at Places for People are voluntary and provided in the community, we offer three outpatient services open to everyone with a variety of payment options.

Outpatient Therapy

Places for People provides Individual, Group, and Family outpatient therapies built on our strength in providing evidence-based practices to address a diverse area of mental health needs.

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Our Outpatient Therapy program accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Optum UHC, Home State Health, Missouri Care (A Well Care Company) and AM Better. For those without insurance, we offer a sliding scale.

To schedule an Outpatient Therapy appointment or learn more about our services, please call 314-615-9105, Ext. 402.

Outpatient Services for Substance Use Concerns

If you or someone in your life recognizes that your alcohol and/or drug use is causing you problems or is limiting your success, we can help.

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Call us at 314-615-2119 to speak directly and confidentially to one of our team members in our Outpatient Substance Use treatment program who is trained to address your substance use concerns.

Outpatient Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Outpatient services for children and adolescents

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Our goal in our Outpatient treatment for children and adolescents program is to assist youths who exhibit behavioral disorders by connecting them with proper resources, and to address the surrounding family/environmental issues that pose a threat to a healthy process of transitioning through youth to adulthood.

If you would like to learn more about Outpatient Treatment for Children and Adolescents at Places for People, please call 314-615-9105, ext. 292.


For a parent or guardian who has noticed signs their child may be self-harming, you may feel overwhelmed with fear and concern.

Read Common Indicators of Self-Harm (and How to Respond)
Young person sitting on a bed has a look of reflection and sadness on their face.

Our Fees + Sliding Scale

If you are enrolled in one of Places for People's outpatient programs, a variety of payment and coverage options are available for individuals who might not have insurance or who might need assistance determining his or her coverage options. Other options include grant enrollment, as well as a sliding fee scale payment based on annual income. Payment concerns can be discussed and a coverage option can be determined based upon all of the resources for which you are eligible.