Founded in 1975 and known for more than 40 years as the Club, this program was the first psychosocial rehabilitation center in Missouri. In this program, individuals build skills, connect with treatment groups, develop interpersonal relationships, and support each other in a positive community environment.


The Recovery Center is a hub of activity at Places for People, connecting participants with therapy groups and learning opportunities.

Recovery Center staff members collaborate with program participants and his or her treatment team to identify recovery goals that can be pursued in the program space.

A supportive and learning environment is achieved through engagement and collaboration, using a therapeutic and practical skills building approach. We recognize that, while sharing some similar experiences and problems, individuals are different. Our program reflects those differences and is flexible enough to provide opportunities for a wide range of abilities, interests, and needs.

Groups and activities are trauma-informed and recovery-focused, addressing the needs of the whole person relative to living and functioning more completely and independently. To achieve this focus, groups and activities are held in the community whenever possible.


Participants in the Recovery Center program work toward meaningful goals.

  • To engage members in a therapeutic and supportive community that focuses on building self esteem and self reliance, resilience and empowerment, being supportive to others, and being engaged in productive tasks of the Recovery Center.
  • The Recovery Center program connects individuals with coping and social skills development groups that focus on wellness, vocational/academic, and social/recreational pursuits.