The goal of all of our services for youth and families is to build the resilience, skills, and positive support systems necessary to promote healthy development for children, youth, and those transitioning to adulthood.


Places for People provides trauma-informed, strength-based, and family-centered services to children, youth, and families in St. Louis City and County.

Our goal in all of our programs for youth and families is to assist children, youth and adolescents who exhibit behavioral disorders by connecting them with proper resources, and to address the surrounding family/environmental issues that pose a threat to a healthy process of transitioning through youth to adulthood.

We offer an array of interventions to ensure that youths and their families are receiving the appropriate level of assistance for their specific situations.

We use all of the youth’s natural resources to affect positive change.

Our dedicated and qualified staff meet youth where they are without judgement or criticism, with a focus on healthy lifestyles and alternatives to support sustainable recovery. Places for People is committed to a trauma-informed approach, and employees are encouraged to develop their cultural competence.

Our programs

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy and Intensive Therapy
  • Early Intervention, Prevention & Support Services
  • Family Support Services and Advocacy Education
  • Case management services (CPR)
  • Family Stabilization – Family Outreach and Community Services
  • Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Individual counseling to family members with children with substance use disorders (CRAFT)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychiatric services

Our treatment approach

Individual or Family Therapy

  • Therapy sessions can be provided in the home, community, or office setting and are grounded in structural and brief strategic therapy interventions.
  • Desired outcomes and goals are developed collaboratively and emphasize individual change that results in improved personal and family functioning.

Early Intervention, Prevention & Support

  • Caregivers participate in groups to enhance parent education, support, and coaching to develop positive, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate interaction skills with child.
  • Young children can have access to group and individual services. Group interventions are designed to improve social skills, emotional regulation, behavioral controls, problem solving, and peer relationships.
  • Individualized supports and interventions are designed to increase resiliency and functioning through skill building related to emotional regulation, symptom management, interpersonal and social interactions. Participants also learn
    problem solving, community integration, self care and overall health and well-being tools. Places for People partners with other organizations to provide case management, linkage and referral to services.
  • 24/7 crisis intervention and resolution services are available, as well as family support.


For a parent or guardian who has noticed signs their child may be self-harming, you may feel overwhelmed with fear and concern.

Read Common Indicators of Self-Harm (and How to Respond)
Young person sitting on a bed has a look of reflection and sadness on their face.


Where to start

Call 314-615-9105 / 292

Anyone who meets with our Youth and Family Services intake and outreach coordinator will receive information about services available at Places for People for youth and families, and more information about resources available in the community.


M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


1001 Lynch Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118