We are thrilled to announce that we have relocated in response to the climbing needs to expand behavioral health trainings and evaluation in St. Louis.

Our new address is:

Blanke Building
1310 Papin Street
St. Louis, MO



We can’t wait to have you visit our new space! Our team is pictured outside of the entrance you can go in upon arrival. Please be on the lookout for what address your training will be at, as some trainings coming up will be hybrid or still at the 1001 Lynch Street location.

Blanke Building Signage

Before entering the building, you will see this sign to the right! Since we share the building with other organizations, you can refer to the directory next to the elevator to see who is on what floor.


Where do I park at 1310 Papin Street?

Feel free to utilize any available parking spaces surrounding the Blanke Building, which is what the building is formally called at 1310 Papin Street. To park closest to the entrance to access Illume, please park near where you can read the sign on the outside of the building that reads “1310 Papin Street” or the standalone sign that reads “Blanke Building, General Offices Information, 1310”. If you are standing outside of the 1310 Papin entrance, the St. Louis Arch will be in the distance on your left side.



What floor is the new Illume office on and how do I get there?

After entering through the 1310 Papin Street entrance, there will be elevators to your right. Please take those elevators up one floor and then take a left immediately out of the elevator. You will quickly see a glass door labeled “Illume”.

Who can I contact if I get lost?

Feel free to contact us at czitko@placesforpeople.org or at 314-328-2911.