Our Mission and Vision

Places for People provides an unparalleled toolkit of programs, services, and resources for people who live with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders, typically accompanied by complex and multilayered challenges: chronic homelessness, primary health disorders, and trauma. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to serve the most vulnerable people in our community:

Our Mission

“Provide caring, effective services to help those with the greatest challenges recover from mental illness, substance use disorders and associated chronic illnesses.”

Our Vision

Through the provision of accessible, efficient, effective and accountable treatment services; individuals and families served will reach their full potential for a purposeful and meaningful life.

Our Values


“Illuminating the possibilities” and working collaboratively with those we serve to design a path toward a meaningful life.


Addressing all aspects of health and well-being for those we serve.


Identifying and delivering services that are proven to promote positive change.


Constantly looking for ways to improve processes and services for the highest quality outcomes for those we serve and for the organization as a whole.


Providing the people we serve the services and skills necessary to achieve their personal goals and ensuring our staff are well-trained, well-supported and well-compensated.


Embracing innovation and technology understanding that our industry is still evolving and will be continually changing.


Developing effective relationships with funders, other providers and the community in order to successfully achieve our mission.

Culturally Competent

Respecting the diverse backgrounds, individuality and “lived experience” of the people with whom we serve and work.