From the Perspectives Newsletter: Director Spotlight

From the Perspectives Newsletter: Director Spotlight

Kissling connects with PfP mission

From the Fall/Winter 2015 Perspectives Newsletter

A deep connection drove Kevin Kissling to a leadership position at Places for People.

Kevin Kissling’s late brother-in-law was a former client at Places for People who lived with mental illness. “His battle raised my awareness to mental illness and Places for People helped him during his battle.”

As a result, Kevin decided to get involved with Places for People, joining the Board of Directors in October 2007.

In his eight years on the board, Kevin has served on the Development and Executive committees, and been a long-standing member of the Places for People Charity Golf Tournament Committee. He is a past vice president, and is currently serving as the President of the Board of Directors.

“We have great committees and they are only getting better and stronger every year.”

During his tenure as board president, Kevin has recognized two significant changes in the organization.

“From a program perspective, Places for People has continued its commitment to treating the whole individual. Our clients cannot successfully battle mental illness if they are also battling chronic physical illnesses, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, addictions, and abusive relationships,” Kevin said.

“The agency has increased its commitment to helping our clients become physically well with the addition of on-site primary care physicians to our already comprehensive psychiatry services, nurses, and a full-service pharmacy. Following the merger with Community Alternatives, Places for People is now one of the area’s largest non-profits with approximately 300 employees, touching almost 5,000 lives a year.”

“The second critical change I have witnessed is the implementation of best practices in strategic and organizational planning to help guide PfP and help it serve more clients with increased effectiveness going forward. It is great to see the agency embrace key management best practices necessary to successfully lead and manage a large, growing organization with the breadth of programs offered.”

As board president, Kevin is most proud of the Places for People staff and believes it is the personnel that sets the agency apart from other organizations in the non-profit sector.

“The staff are talented, engaged, committed and caring. The leadership team is skilled with broad experiences, is forward thinking and always open to feedback. Everyone is unpretentious and a pleasure to work with.”

In the next couple years, Kevin thinks Places for People will continue to grow and serve as a pace-setter for peers in the community.

“I know I will see Places for People continuing to grow, serving more clients, and continuing to provide the latest evidenced-based programs and services. I see us partnering with more organizations in the mental health and social service worlds and being benchmarked as one of the nation’s leading mental health care providers while helping other organizations provide the hope and health that we provide to our clients.”