Meet Ja Won

Meet Ja Won

A student in the Washington University in St. Louis Brown School Master of Social Work program, Ja Won spent the summer with the Places for People Faith Team.

How did you choose Places for People as your practicum site?
Mental health and helping immigrants/refugees were two of my interests when I decided to study social work. Places for People was the perfect place to experience both areas and I found the Faith team would be a fantastic place to work.

What did you know about PfP before you arrived?
I learned about PfP from the website. I knew PfP supported persons with mental illnesses, but I barely knew what services and programs were provided and how they worked in the field.

What will you tell people about PfP after your time here?
I will definitely recommend PfP to my classmates as their potential practicum sites.  I met great people at PfP and learned a lot from them and our clients.

What will some of your memories be of your time at PfP?
Every day was dynamic and adventurous!

What was the biggest lesson you learned from your time here?
I learned a lot about strengths based approach in the real field. It was difficult to apply but it was worth!

What did you learn about the people we serve?
They were amazing persons who overcame a lot of difficulties. I was so impressed and learned a lot from them.

What was one memorable moment you would like to share?
I was so happy to hear that our client got a job. That was the most memorable moment at PfP.

Did your time here change your perspective on mental illness?
Yes. I felt more empathy than before.

When do you graduate? What will your degree be in? What are your future plans?
I will graduate in May 2015.  I hope to work for persons with intellectual disabilities and found an organization for the population in the future.