Meet Marian

Meet Marian

Marian finished her practicum experience at Places for People the day before earning her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis. During her time at Places for People, Marian served as an Occupational Therapist with our Healthcare Home team. She is pictured with Lisa after a morning of riding MetroLink to work on getting to know different routes and stations.

How did you choose Places for People as your practicum site?
I chose Places for People as my practicum site because I knew I wanted a community-based practicum and I felt it was important for me to gain experience working with people with mental illness.

What did you know about PfP before you arrived?
I live in the neighborhood and never realized PfP was located so close, all I knew was that they provided community-based services to individuals with mental illness.

What will you tell people about PfP after your time here?
I will tell people that being at PfP was an invaluable learning experience for me; I had the opportunity to work with people in all levels of recovery, which provided me with important insights and skills that I will carry throughout my career.

What will some of your memories be of your time at PfP?
Learning to use the public transportation system, getting to know all of the wonderful and dedicated staff, and being surprised by clients every week.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from your time here?
The biggest lesson I learned from my time here is the ability to be flexible, I often found the need to completely change the time, plan, or goals of a session to better accommodate the needs of the clients.

What did you learn about the people we serve?
I learned that everyone at PfP has an interesting and unique life story to share.

What was one memorable moment you would like to share?
A client and I went to the Botanical Gardens and happened to be there on the day that the corpse flower was blooming, it was beautiful and stinky, and after weeks of working with that client, the first time that I saw her smile.

Did your time here change your perspective on mental illness?
My time at PfP has expanded my view of mental illness, the road to recovery, and life challenges people with severe mental illness face. I expect that any setting I am in I will work with individuals with mental illness

When do you graduate? What will your degree be in? What are your future plans?
I graduated August 16, 2014, with a Doctor of Occupational Therapy. My plans for the future are to practice for at least a year to gain clinical experience and then work towards a career in community-based research.