Meet Theresa

Meet Theresa

Theresa will graduate this fall with a Master of Social Work from the Saint Louis University Master of Social Work program. She worked with Places for People’s 3700 Team. After graduation, she plans to work for Adapt of Missouri on its 3700 Team.

How did you choose Places for People as your practicum site?
This year I completed a year long practicum at the SLU Legal Clinic. My time at the SLU Legal Clinic solidified my passion for working with individuals with severe mental illness and introduced me to Places for People. Being in the field and seeing the passion and hard work Places for People staff dedicate to their clients spurred me to seek out PfP as my next practicum site.

What did you know about PfP before you arrived?
Before arriving at PfP I knew that the organization offered long term case management to persons with severe mental illness.

What will you tell people about PfP after your time here?
I will tell people that being a part of the PfP 3700 Team allowed me to work in an environment where individuals are guided toward recovery. PfP offers so much more than just routine case management. I love that the PfP staff really care about the individuals they serve. I also love that the 3700 Team is able to be professional while incorporating humor and laughter into their work (such a necessary skill for social workers!).

What did you learn about the people we serve?
I learned so much through observation! I saw how individuals can still have hope even after life has been extraordinarily difficult. I also learned how to meet people where they are at (physically and mentally) and to help them build upon the success they are currently experiencing.

When do you graduate? What will your degree be in? What are your future plans?
I will be graduating with my MSW this August from Saint Louis University. Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is a long term goal of mine. I also would like to eventually shift from direct practice to advocacy and teaching.