Show-Me Hope

We’re here to listen

Places for People is providing a Crisis Counseling Program for St. Louis County as part of the Show-Me Hope Missouri program, funded by FEMA. For anyone in St. Louis County who was impacted by the flooding of December 2015, we’re here to listen.
Show-Me Hope Missouri
Services offered:

  • Individual crisis counseling
  • Basic supportive or educational contact
  • Community networking and support
  • Assessment, referral, and resource linkage

Call 314-615-2130 to learn more about free, confidential counseling services.

The mission of the Crisis Counseling Program is to assist the individuals and communities in recovering from the challenging effects of natural disasters through the provision of community-based outreach and mental health support services.



What Are the Key Principles of the Crisis Counseling Program Model?

Crisis Counseling Program is:

  • Strengths Based — CCP services promote resilience, empowerment, and recovery
  • Anonymous — Crisis counselors do not classify, label, or diagnose people; no records or case files are kept
  • Outreach Oriented — Crisis counselors deliver services in the communities rather than wait for survivors to seek their assistance
  • Conducted in Nontraditional Settings — Crisis counselors make contact in homes and communities, not in clinical or office settings
  • Designed To Strengthen Existing Community Support Systems — The CCP supplements, but does not supplant or replace, existing community systems

What Are the Goals of the Crisis Counseling Program?

The Crisis Counseling Program strives to:

  • Reach large numbers of people affected by disasters through face-to-face outreach to shelters, homes, and other locations
  • Assess the emotional needs of survivors and make referrals to traditional behavioral health services when necessary
  • Identify tangible needs and link survivors to community resources and disaster relief services
  • Provide emotional support, education, basic crisis counseling and connection to familial and community support systems
  • Train and educate CCP staff and other community partners about disaster reactions, appropriate interventions and CCP services
  • Develop partnerships with local disaster and other organizations
  • Work with local stakeholders to promote community resilience and recovery
  • Collect and evaluate data to ensure quality services and justify program efforts
  • Leave behind a permanent legacy of improved coping skills, educational and resource materials, and enhanced community linkages

Who Provides the Crisis Counseling Program Services?

  • Services will be provided to the affected areas by behavioral health organizations who already provide services in this area through contracts with the Missouri Department of Mental Health.
  • Places for People (PfP) is one provider who will serve this area. PfP is a long-standing private organization that is well skilled and experienced at assessing the mental health needs of those we serve. PfP is well-respected and well-known in the St. Louis metropolitan area and has a wealth of services and referral supports.
  • CCP staff are usually indigenous to the affected communities and are sometimes survivors themselves.
  • CCP staff are from this area and are familiar with the needs and the unique issues that are effecting those in the recovering communities.
  • Culturally competent, understanding, respectful and sensitive to the cultural makeup of the communities served.

If you would like to know more about the Crisis Counseling Program and services available in the St. Louis County, please contact Places for People, Show-Me Hope Missouri staff at 314-615-2130.