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We know how valuable your time is and we want to offer you, your group, company or organization with volunteer opportunities that support our agency and provide education about mental health care and how we provide services to those in need.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities

At Places for People, we know that volunteers do so much more than offer services free of charge. Volunteers not only understand and support our mission but they want to play a bigger part, wholeheartedly and without worries for their own interests. Volunteers with Places for People go above and beyond with everything that they do. Through their gifts of time, talent, and effort, each volunteer is an ally to our cause. Become an ally and make a difference with Places for People!

Please contact HR Generalist Brent Jones (bjones@placesforpeople.org or 314-535-5600) with any questions!

Client Accounts Volunteer

Are you interested in devoting a few hours a week to our mission and the people we serve? Are you passionate about giving? As a volunteer in our Client Accounts department, you will be performing administrative tasks such as cash handling, making change, filing, and assisting Places for People staff with projects. Help is needed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (anytime between 10a to 1p – with some flexibility).

Physical Health Client Escort

Places for People is a community mental health agency serving people of all ages living with severe mental and physical illnesses. We are able to offer comprehensive and holistic services to those we serve as they work on their recovery process. Inside our doors, we have extensive mental health services – case management, therapy groups and individual therapy, housing assistance, substance use services, and overall family-centered care. However, we do not stop there – we provide primary health care assistance through an onsite West Pine Pharmacy, a Family Care Health Centers Satellite site with full Physician services, Quest Lab services, and a nursing office with open hours.

We are seeking volunteers to help new and returning clients to feel welcome and comfortable by being a friendly escort from the reception area to their necessary medical services department. Volunteers are needed Monday and Wednesdays from 9 am – 3 pm. Shifts must be a minimum of 3 hours and volunteers are needed for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Recreation Group Leader

Places at Page is currently looking for volunteers to lead recreation groups with residents! Groups could include art therapy, music therapy, health and wellness, open forums, teaching new skills… Do you have a recreational activity that you want to share with the people PfP serves? We are open to many ideas and are looking to add more activities to the residents day to day, so scheduling is flexible! Experience working with people with mental illnesses is a plus. Gain experience and new skills, empower clients, and work with experienced mental health professionals! This opportunity would promote growth, inspire wellness, and impact recovery!

Adult Education Tutors

Do you have experience in the education field? Are you a college student wanting to get involved in the human services field? Do you want to have a positive impact on your community?
Places for People is looking for volunteers for our Adult Education Tutoring Program! Tutoring meets weekdays from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Although no experience is necessary, anyone with experience working with people with mental illnesses and/or education is encouraged to apply! Help us to make this program a success! Help the people we serve on their recovery journey and reach their educational goals by helping them learn about basic education to high school level math, language arts, science, geography, and composition.

Recovery Center Volunteers

Are you looking for a way to add extra meaning to your week? Do you have a few hours a week to give to others? Do you enjoy meeting new people and learning about others’ experiences?
The PSRC Recovery Center is open weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm and needs consistent and dedicated volunteers! Our PSRC program provides opportunities for clients to work on health, wellness, social, recreational, vocational, and educational recovery goals. As a volunteer in the PSRC Recovery Center, you will get to know our clients, help to prepare meals alongside experienced staff and people we serve, and give back to your community.

Wellness Group Facilitator

Do you feel comfortable leading discussions and empowering others? Are you interested in a career in mental health and looking for an opportunity to gain skills? Do you want to help others towards a healthier lifestyle?
Promote change and recovery by leading groups! One of our residential programs, Places at Page, is currently seeking an additional volunteer to lead a Health and Wellness Group with clients covering the increasingly important topics of health and wellness! Experience working with people with mental illnesses or a degree in a human services field is preferred for this volunteer position. Gain experience and new skills, empower clients, and work with experienced mental health professionals. This opportunity would promote growth, inspire wellness, and impact recovery. The group meets Saturdays from 11 am to 12 pm and is seeking someone with a background in nutritional education.

Wellness Center Assistant

Are you interested in devoting a few hours a week to our mission and our clients? Are you passionate about health and wellness?
The Wellness Center is available to all people served by Places for People and provides clients a safe and reliable place to progress toward goals of fitness and health. As a volunteer in the Wellness Center, you will supervise, assist, and empower clients as they use the equipment available. More than this, you will help clients create fitness goals and will work with them to reach these goals! Must be CPR/First Aid certified (certification class available through Places for People). Help is needed on Mondays (anytime 9:30-2), Wednesdays (9:30-11:00) or Fridays (anytime 9:30-2:00).

Training and Skills-Based Volunteers

Are you looking to share your experience or skills to help others develop personally and professionally?
If you are an experienced professional in mental health, physical health, medicine, or safety field, consider offering a training or educational session to employees or clients! We are always seeking new ways to learn, so think outside the box – do you have a skill or trade that clients could try, or do you have experience you could share with employees? Contact Tina Mince to discuss the possibilities!

Residential Facility Volunteers

Are you looking for a more personal volunteer experience? Are you are interested in assisting clients in the residential facilities, helping to make their home fit in their recovery process?
Two of our residential facilities are seeking dedicated volunteers to assist and work with clients in job searching, resume, basic education (budgeting, computer use, literacy), or other hobbies such as gardening. Volunteers can get to know clients by playing cards, board games, or transporting clients and accompanying them on fun day trips to places such as the zoo, the movies, self-help groups, or the local YMCA.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Is your corporate group looking for a philanthropic project? Is your group of students looking to dedicate a day of service? Is this a one-time civic opportunity, or do you want to create an ongoing partnership?
Group volunteer opportunities are set up on a case-by-case basis, with options depending on our organization and clients’ current needs. Examples of service include helping to prepare our residential facility gardens, preparing meals for clients, or holding in-kind fundraisers to benefit PfP. Opportunities for education about our services and team-building opportunities are available with the service, as well. Please contact Tina Mince at tmince@placesforpeople.org if you are looking for a group opportunity.

Packing Sack Lunches for Welcome Center

Are you a group or family looking to work together to serve our clients? Are you too young to volunteer directly but still want to give back? Do you want to help those at the beginning of their recovery journey?
It takes immense courage for clients to walk through our Welcome Center doors and begin the road to recovery. This is why we try to make this experience as warm and as friendly as we possibly can — and there is a way you can help these new clients at PfP! By donating ready-to-go lunches, clients can have a bite to eat while they wait to receive their assessments, or take a meal with them to eat after they leave. What could you include in your sack lunches? Chips, apples, a small sandwich or two, pretzels, a kind note of encouragement, a bottle of water, a banana, an orange… the healthy options are seemingly endless! Lunches are accepted on a scheduled basis to make sure that our fridges are not overwhelmed, and to ensure that perishables are distributed as soon as possible.

Events Volunteer

Are you looking to commit time outside of regular work hours to our fundraising efforts within the Saint Louis community?
Our fundraising events need volunteers to help us raise the funds needed to support the people we serve! Dedicate an evening of your time to Places for People. Or maybe you are interested in hosting a fundraising event? Think outside the box and consider Places for People as your next fundraising recipient!

Not sure if any of these opportunities will fit with your skill set or your schedule, but still eager to get involved? Apply now and we will work together to find the right volunteer job for you!

Please note all volunteers must be 17 or older, are subject to a background check, and training is required for anyone beginning to volunteer on a regular basis.

Questions? Please contact HR Generalist at bjones@placesforpeople.org or 314-535-5600.