Promise and Yvette talking and laughing

It’s about a life

I took a whole bottle of pills. I didn’t want to live any longer.

I'm back on my feet because of Places for People.

I’m a better me, I have my disease under control, I’m healthy and back on my feet.

Promise’s Journey to Healing


1in5people have a mental illnessIt affects all of us

A Human Approach to Health + Healing

Since 1972 Places for People has helped people find and define their places in the world. Each person we serve is a valued member of the community. We meet them where they are and help them reach their full potential.

Through our programs, we aim to provide high-quality, recovery-based treatment for mental illness and substance use disorders.

Have you been affected by COVID-19? We're here to listen. Places for People is part of Missouri's Show-Me Hope Crisis Counseling Program, and is offering free, confidential counseling services. Learn more on our Show-Me Hope page.