Illume: The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is a collaborative model that promotes evidence-based practices in behavioral health and ensures they are accessible to all. Our members are generating new knowledge and improved practices, working toward a consistent excellent standard of care in our region.

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Inquiries and Future Services

If you would like further information on services for you or your agency/organization or would like to be added to our list for future trainings, webinars, or advocacy information please click the link and fill in the form.

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Recovery is real.

Our Model


Illume provides a platform for agencies and providers to be exposed to new ideas with respect to fundamentals and overall model / concept.

Coaching & Mentoring

We know that going beyond training, to providing support, coaching and mentoring, is necessary for retention of materials and essential for a practice shift.

Assessment / Evaluation

We will help apply measurement to intended outcomes, in all areas, to reflect improved outcomes via consumer level data capture.

Agency Consultations

We work with agencies to strengthen programming across a variety of areas: improved implementation of evidence-based practices, best practices, an intentional focus on recovery-oriented, effective impacts.


We are always working toward systems-level change. Specifically, we do outreach to system funders, policy makers and service leaders, providing education, encouragement and data around the needs and benefits of service agencies.

Employee Well-Being

We provide intensive technical assistance, coaching and mentoring to help agencies implement a culture and practices that improve employee well-being.

About Illume

We believe that behavioral health is more than managing symptoms; it is about supporting a life of fulfillment and joy for every person.

We pledge to share our knowledge and expertise, so that working together, we can improve the quality of care for people experiencing behavioral health issues.

Get Involved

Cara Zitko (Jacobsen)

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Do you have questions about Illume: The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence or would you like to find out more ways to be involved? Contact Illume Manager Cara Zitko (Jacobsen) today.