With 1 in 5 people living with mental illness today, we all know or love someone dealing with these issues. At Places for People, we have always believed in a human approach to healing, understanding a person’s life circumstances and walking beside them to their fullest potential.

It’s about a life.

“To improve the physical and behavioral health of the individuals, families, and communities we serve and those who support the provision of these services.”

Through the provision of accessible, efficient, effective and accountable treatment services; individuals and families served will reach their full potential for a purposeful and meaningful life.


Places for People is one of the only Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization in St. Louis City or County, serving more than 3,150 people each year.

Places for People (PFP) was founded 52 years ago in response to the then new federal policy of deinstitutionalization, which moved patients living in mental institutions back into the community. The idea was that this community-based model of care would be more cost-effective and humane. However, the infrastructure to support this type of effort was simply not in place. In response, Places for People was conceived to provide a “place” – a storefront – in the community where the hundreds of men and women who had been deinstitutionalized could receive services, including finding a new place to call home.

Today, Places for People serves more than 3,150 people annually, offering an individualized approach to health and healing. Places for People is dedicated to shining a light on the road to recovery for those experiencing the toughest cases of mental health and substance use disorder. By combining genuine, human connection with evidence-based care, the expert staff at Places for People work tirelessly to help those we serve develop the skills to effectively manage their illnesses and lead meaningful and productive lives.

In July 2017, Places for People became a Certified Community Behavioral Health Organization. PFP was the only one in St. Louis City or County at the time. CCBHO is a federal designation. CCBHOs focus on improving access to behavioral health care, crisis response, and providing effective treatment approaches across the lifespan.

Our Values

Places for People has adopted four core values that guide the work of every employee and volunteer associated with the organization.

  • Hope

    Core ideals: engaging, encouraging, recovery-focused, inspiring, and persistent.

  • A nurse and individual sharing a smile and a laugh


    Core ideals: innovative, effective, holistic, and efficient.

  • WHAM group


    Core ideals: empowering, trusting and trust-worthy, and safe.

  • Compassion

    Core ideals: person-centered, trauma-informed, patient, caring, and respectful.

Recent Publications

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