Resources for a behavioral health crisis.

National 24/7 Crisis Line: 988
Our Adult 24/7 Crisis Line For Persons Served: 314-469-4758
Our Youth 24/7 Crisis Line For Persons Served: 314-628-2977

Ready for intake?

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If you're looking for mental health and/or substance use support in the St. Louis area, this is a great place to start. The best way to access services is to come to our office during walk-in hours for an initial screening, which is offered at 1001 Lynch Street, St. Louis, MO 63118 Monday through Friday from 9-11am and from 1-3pm.
Adult Behavioral Health: 314-615-9105 / Ext. 295
Youth & Family Services: 314-615-9105 / Ext. 292
Outpatient Therapy: 314-615-9105 / Ext. 402
Substance Use Concerns: 314-615-2119
Main Line: 314-535-5600

Media inquiries or branding questions?

Please contact Kate Fletcher, Marketing and Public Relations Manager:

Call 314-615-9105 / Ext. 210

Would you like to invite us to host a booth or give a presentation?

Please contact Steven Spratt, Community Relations Manager:

Call 314-243-3222

Do you have a question about making a donation?

Please contact Mary Kitley, V.P. of Development:

Call 314-615-9105 / Ext. 202

Question about an invoice?

Please contact Georgia Ellis, V.P. of Finance:

Call 314-615-9105 / Ext. 261

Administrative questions?

Please contact Barb Zawier, Vice President of Clinical Services:

Call 314-615-9105 / Ext. 267

Interested in volunteering with us?

Apply for a Practicum Apply for an Internship here: Apply to join the Young Professionals Council (YPC) here: For interest in joining our Board of Directors, please contact: Mary Kitley, V.P. of Development, at For other individual and group opportunities, please contact: Sarah Price, Development Manager, at

General inquiries?

For other non-urgent general questions and inquiries, please fill out this form. Responses are received by our Development Team, which is an administrative department, and are checked Monday-Friday. If you have an emergency or urgent medical need, please contact 988 (Suicide + Crisis Lifeline) or 911.

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