About two years ago, a young girl named RaMiyah was hospitalized. Her mom, LaTricia, had been going above and beyond to do everything within her power to support her daughter while she was in crisis and navigating her illness, but even super mom needs help sometimes.

“It was tough. I knew we needed help. I was dealing with a lot of things on my own. Alone,” said LaTricia.

Before getting discharged from the hospital, her family was connected to an employee of Places for People to help find more long-term care. It just so happens that a family member had gotten services with Places for People and that their grandma had also mentioned that it would be a good resource before. It all seemed like it was meant to be. An opening in the youth and family program popped up and they never looked back.

“Not once have we sat back and thought this is not for us. Nope. Never,” claims LaTricia.

Psychiatry and therapy have been huge parts of their journey, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has recently been a new game changer that they participate in together. Multiple services are available to them weekly. The mom really hopes that they can continue down this positive path since they have seen huge progress as a family and individually. RaMiyah is also in favor.

“One thing that I really like is that they actually listen to me when I am going through a crisis. They’re not judgmental like other people have been. They are here for me when I need them,” says RaMiyah.

Navigating her health has not always been easy and had led to RaMiyah being homeschooled for a little while and LaTricia no longer working full time. They claim that Places for People is who helped them navigate getting RaMiyah back into school for her 7th grade year this year and contribute to help make it a more positive experience for the whole family this time around. The treatment plan stayed in place and the commitment to better health and healing is felt on all sides.

The mom radiated a sense of calmness and gratitude while reminiscing on how she no longer feels alone. She talks about how the staff have always been willing to jump right in and be hands on to offer resources and other support to both her and her daughter. “Everybody we work with has made a difference,” she emphasizes. LaTricia talks about the relief in not having to wait a week for medications or to get support in urgent situations anymore. Additionally, she feels like she has developed skills and has more tools that she can use to help her daughter herself. This dynamic duo is truly GOING PLACES!

LaTricia is excited to announce that she will be re-entering the workforce with an opportunity that will allow her to work during RaMiyah’s school hours and regain some stability. With RaMiyah back in school, RaMiyah is looking forward to acclimating to school again, continuing to write her own stories and poetry, and even think more about the future. She is especially excited about the idea of trying out for the track, tennis, and/or basketball team in high school since she dreams about playing professionally someday. RaMiyah also likes the idea of becoming an influencer and starting her own YouTube channel someday, as that would give her an opportunity to talk about her lifestyle, stories, school, and more.

“I feel like Places for People has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was going through a lot – still going through a lot. They are taking it step by step for me. I appreciate that,” says RaMiyah.

It’s no longer a secret that this family has been going places these last few years, nor is it a secret that this family is truly going places in the future. These women are resilient, an inspiration to us all, and dedicating themselves to doing whatever it takes to live the life they want. Keep up the great work, RaMiyah and LaTricia!

Hear from RaMiyah.

I feel like Places for People has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was going through a lot back then - still going through a lot. They are taking it step by step for me. I appreciate that.


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