If you or someone in your life recognizes that your alcohol and/or drug use is causing you problems, or is limiting your success, we can help.


Places for People's trained professionals can help address your substance use concerns.

Everyone has a “life story” and we want to get to know yours. We will partner with you to sort through what is and what is not working in your life.

Based on what you need, we will help you develop a plan to move forward.

You will often hear our services referred to as “counseling” and “case management.”

Basically, we have a team of individuals with various backgrounds and expertise to assist you in the different areas where you would like help.

We work with those we serve individually and in groups.

We can also work with those people in your world who are part of your “life story.”

Our role is to provide you with accurate information, support, and the resources you need to have the “life story” you would like to have.

Our team members who are responsible for your care use best practices, which means the information and skills they provide to you have been proven to help individuals like yourself rewrite one’s “life story.”

All of our services are voluntary and are provided on an “outpatient” basis. You can continue to attend to your day-to-day responsibilities while working on your story.

If you live with a mental illness and a substance use concern, Places for People has teams that can help.

Places for People is able to offer funding if you do not have insurance or if the insurance you have is still too expensive for you to afford care.


Everyone has a relationship with alcohol — even if you are a nondrinker. From time to time, it is helpful to take a step back and reflect on if it is a healthy or unhealthy one.

Read A Guide to Reflect on Your Relationship with Alcohol
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Where to start - outpatient substance use treatment

Call 314.615.2119

Call us to speak directly and confidentially to one of our team members who is trained in addressing your substance use concerns.


M-F 8:30-4:30

Evening hours coming soon


1001 Lynch Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118

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Our fees + sliding scale

Our outpatient substance use treatment program offers a variety of payment and coverage options for individuals who might not have insurance or who might need assistance determining coverage options. Other options include grant enrollment, as well as a sliding fee scale payment based on annual income. Payment concerns can be discussed and a coverage option can be determined based upon all of the resources for which you are eligible. Having no insurance or being under-insured is not a barrier for treatment.