Our comprehensive, individualized services are designed to meet people where they are on the road to recovery. Our dedicated professionals offer short-term and long-term healthcare options to individuals of all ages living with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Levels of care

Through individualzied and recovery-focused treatment, we help people find and define their "place" in the community. Our intake and assessment process, and initial case management provided by our Outreach teams help determine the appropriate level of care necessary for the individuals we serve.

Assertive Community Treatment

The highest level of care we offer, our Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams are specially designed to meet all of the needs of people with the most serious of mental illnesses and the most complex additional challenges. ACT is frequently referred to as a hospital without walls, providing all the services typically provided in a hospital setting but instead, in the community. In addition to integrated health coaches, staffing for ACT teams includes a psychiatrist, a nurse, a vocational specialist, an occupational therapist, a substance use specialist, and a peer specialist – an individual who is living with a mental health diagnosis who is now helping to provide services to individuals just beginning their journey toward recovery from serious mental illness. Places for People’s four ACT teams (of 10 total in Missouri) includes a Forensic ACT team. The FACT Team is one of three treatment teams in the country that specializes in helping people transition from the criminal justice system.

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Places for People’s Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR) teams help people with serious mental illnesses progress toward personal recovery goals. While services can be intensive, this community approach promotes individuals receiving psychiatric and medical services outside of the team, often in the community. The services that individuals receive vary depending on goals, but often include assistance with medication management, financial management, assistance with daily living activities, assistance finding a job or completing an education, and health and wellness education. CPR services can be a bridge to Transition services, or they may be a long-term support system, depending on each individual’s needs and readiness to increase his or her level of independence.

Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

Our Integrated Treatment for Co-occuring Disorders (ITCD) team works with adults who have a qualifying serious mental illness and a serious co-occurring substance use disorder(s). Within the ITCD evidence-based, integrated treatment program, participants receive simultaneous clinical services for their mental health and substance use issues, while obtaining wrap-around case management support to address any other additional needs by the same team of practitioners.

  • Integrated Services: Mental health and substance use treatment are integrated to meet the needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders.
  • Cross-Trained Practitioners: Integrated treatment specialists are trained to treat both substance use disorders and serious mental illnesses.
  • Stage-Wise Treatment: Integrated treatment specialists match services to the persons stage of recovery.
  • Motivational Interventions: Motivational interventions are used to help you identify and pursue your own personal recovery goals.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Approach: A cognitive-behavioral approach is used to help the person identify and change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to their co-occurring disorders.
  • Multiple Formats: Services are available in individual, group, self-help and family formats.
  • Integrated Psychiatric and Medication Services: Psychiatric and medication services are integrated with all other services.

Case management for unique needs

In addition to providing individual support based on the necessary level of intensity, Places for People has treatment teams that offers case management for individuals who have unique needs.


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Our services are designed to meet people where they are on their road to health + healing. If you’re not sure what service is best for you, don’t worry - there is no wrong door for entry.

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