Places for People is grateful to have the support of young professionals who believe mental health matters. We are always looking to grow and diversify our council, so we accept new applicants all year around.

FY 2023 YPC

Meet Our Members

The Young Professionals Council is a group of young professionals in the St. Louis region that have something very crucial in common – they believe in the power of mental health and recovery. Their expertise and heart for the mission of Places for People makes them truly invaluable.

Purpose of the YPC

• Establish a diverse and inclusive council that represents the community we serve
• Build awareness of our mission and organization throughout the St. Louis region
• Assist with raising funds and giving back through volunteerism and service
• Connect young professionals to network and help reduce the stigma around mental health
• Provide opportunities for personal and professional education and development
• Create a pipeline of talent for PFP and the nonprofit community of St. Louis

Young Professionals Council Brochure

Expectations of the YPC

• Attend bi-monthly meetings (6-7:30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, + November) and make at least a one-year commitment
• Become a Placemaker (compassionate community of monthly donors) – no minimum required
• Participate in at least one PFP fundraiser and volunteer project every year
• Willingness to learn about, advocate for, and support Places for People in other areas as needed

Apply Today

Young Professionals Council Application

Join us! We are always looking for new members, so applications are open year around! People of all backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets are encouraged to apply.

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Please contact Kate Fletcher:

Call 314-615-9105 / Ext. 210

Our team looks forward to talking to you about the YPC opportunities!